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  • High Quality Mesh & Wire Cloth

    Largest wire cloth inventory, servicing Filtration, Construction, Architectural, Mining ... Industries of all kinds.
  • Mesh, Perforated & Expanded Metals for Architectural & Decorative Applications

    Infill Panels, Railings, Window Applications, Fencing & Gates, Decorative
  • Infill Panels & Guarding

    Modern Architectural Design and Safety Applications
  • Separator Screens & Accessories

    Our Quality Pretension Screens and Edged Screens are made to precisely fit Orginal Equipment Manufactured under all major brand names. Accessories are available for all your Machine Needs.
  • The Beauty of Wire Mesh

    All of our Products can be Applied to give your Design a Clean and Modern Look.

Custom Welded Mesh

Need to make a guard, or wire mesh panels for a railing?
Standard 1"-4" openings not going to cut it for your application?
Does a standard 4' x 8' Sheet allow for too much waste?

Large volume or Small volume…We can make what you need.

  • At Gerard Daniel we have been making custom welded wire mesh on our bar welders for over 30 years. Custom infill panels in chairs, railings and garbage containers we have made them all.

  • The mesh can be no smaller than 5/8" opening as we can not guarantee the tooling will keep square and reliable measurements.

  • Special edge treatments such as double edge wires, and custom tails can be done to suit all applications.

  • Custom racks for the food industry have been a specialty for more than 5 years!