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  • High Quality Mesh & Wire Cloth

    Largest wire cloth inventory, servicing Filtration, Construction, Architectural, Mining ... Industries of all kinds.
  • Mesh, Perforated & Expanded Metals for Architectural & Decorative Applications

    Infill Panels, Railings, Window Applications, Fencing & Gates, Decorative
  • Infill Panels & Guarding

    Modern Architectural Design and Safety Applications
  • Separator Screens & Accessories

    Our Quality Pretension Screens and Edged Screens are made to precisely fit Orginal Equipment Manufactured under all major brand names. Accessories are available for all your Machine Needs.
  • The Beauty of Wire Mesh

    All of our Products can be Applied to give your Design a Clean and Modern Look.

Shearing Capabilities

Shearing mesh wire can take its toll on your equipment. WHY? Because the blade is "jumping" from wire to wire it can cause nicks in the blade. The nicks will make shearing your sheet metal very difficult as it can pull and twist the material, also leaving marks on the edges. At Gerard Daniel we don't shear sheet metal, we shear Wire Mesh and Perforated Metal! Our equipment is set up for it, and our staff has the experience to ensure that you get what you want, when you want it. Let us shear your next order on one of the machines listed below!

  • 1/4" x 10' Plate Shear

  • 4 16ga x 4' hydraulic shears

  • 2 corner notchers

  • Fully automatic blanking machine

  • Uni-Tool Brake attachment for multiple notches

  • Various hand shears to custom cut ALL of your requirements