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  • High Quality Mesh & Wire Cloth

    Largest wire cloth inventory, servicing Filtration, Construction, Architectural, Mining ... Industries of all kinds.
  • Mesh, Perforated & Expanded Metals for Architectural & Decorative Applications

    Infill Panels, Railings, Window Applications, Fencing & Gates, Decorative
  • Infill Panels & Guarding

    Modern Architectural Design and Safety Applications
  • Separator Screens & Accessories

    Our Quality Pretension Screens and Edged Screens are made to precisely fit Orginal Equipment Manufactured under all major brand names. Accessories are available for all your Machine Needs.
  • The Beauty of Wire Mesh

    All of our Products can be Applied to give your Design a Clean and Modern Look.

GDW Canada Product Guide

Our Product Guide is a handy reference to the products and services offered by GDW.
The guide is also useful when considering your design needs.

The online version of our Product Guide is available above or here.

Gerard Daniel Worldwide (Canada) is Canada's leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality wire mesh products and the largest distributor of wire-base products in the world. We serve the filtration, automotive, aerospace, food, architectural, security and electronics industries, with an extensive range of wire products, including industrial wire cloth, stainless steel wire, wire mesh, stainless steel mesh, steel screen, perforated metals and more. Our woven and wire mesh products are available in stainless steel, plain steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. GDW (Canada) also excels at customized solutions for woven and welded meshes, other wire-based products.