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Welded Wire Mesh Terminology & Ordering Info

When planning your custom wire mesh, all of the following requirements should be present on your drawings and quote requests:

Size of Opening: Measured either way (see diagrams A & B)
Wire Diameter: From 0.063" to 0.375"
Alloy: Choose from plain steel, T304 STST, T316 STST
Piece Size: Up to 60" wide and 120" long
Quantity of Pieces: Total Production Amount
Edge Reguirements: Choose one (see diagrams C, D and E)
Welded mesh Diagram

Welded Wire Mesh Terminology & Ordering Info

Random Tails

  • Easiest (least expensive) to shear wire mesh with random tails. Less shears to get product to size.
  • Custom material would only have random tails if requested by customer for framing purposes

Flush Edges

  • Less likely to get shipping damages, also easier to handle with flush edges
  • Most fabricators like flush edges as less welds are needed to attach it to a frame work.
  • Most expensive way to order mesh. Material has to be oversized, and then sheared down.
  • Scrap and more processes increase the price.

Equal Tails

  • Custom Welded mesh is often made with equal tails to reduce cost. Only process is welding the mats. No need to re-size
  • Wire mesh fitting into a channel frame can have equal edges without extra work, or safety concerns.
  • More time to weld into an angle frame than flush edges.

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